The Good Vibe

The Good Vibe

just-the-type asked: I'm not in to weed, I'm not a weed smoker, but I could care less that you post about it and so should anyone else who wants the same free speech they're allowed. Just keep being awesome, you're one of the reasons I can take a break from work, see some inspiration and go back to it full ahead. Keep being awesome.

Thank you! 😊
Your comment about free speech is true, it saddens me that just because someone’s involved in a culture that others may not approve of, it’s automatically wrong.

Times really haven’t changed.

dancer2626 asked: You say weed doesn't kill. But it does. Driving while under the influence, for example. Car crashes kill. It damages multiple organs in your body. It damages your brain. It can cause you to lose learning skills. There is a reason why kids in school are being taught to not do drugs. How can you say marijuana doesn't kill?

That’s like saying pencils kill people, because someone used a pencil to kill someone. This is ridiculously funny.
It has nothing to do with the persons poor decision making, choosing to drive whilst high.. No? Oh kk