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  • Soul Ties

    Imagine if you could see the spirit/vibes of the person you are most intimate with would you still lay with them? Would they make it past hello?

    They say you are the company you keep, so what about relationships? The longer the relationship goes on, the more you become attached emotionally = Soul Ties. It’s evident to see the results of those who have ties with the wrong people, your vision is clouded, you finding yourself going crazy over people who were never meant to know them intimately and can’t understand why. You can have one with someone you ended things with, or someone you’re no longer friends with, and not even know it!

    It’s scary to think how unaware we are of people’s true colours and vibes. The quality of people you attract is tied to the quality of your thinking. You will need to revamp ur thinking to change ur crowd.

    Be careful who you spiritually connect with. What are your thoughts? The picture is pretty scary right?

    - Roxanne (TheGoodVibe.co)

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